The moment we answer, “Yes, We’re THERE!!” is the moment we find out we’re ‘NOT!!’ Safety is an integral part of our daily lives. From the day we learned to walk, run, ride, and drive, SAFETY was there. Yet when we tripped, fell, and sometimes wrecked, SAFETY wasn’t there. So why aren’t we there yet?



By Dave Clewley, PHR 



The moment we answer, “YesWe’re THERE!!” is the moment we find out we’re NOT!!  Safety is an integral part of our daily lives.  From the day we learned to walk, run, ride, and drive, SAFETY was there.  Yet when we tripped, fell, and sometimes wrecked, SAFETY wasn’t there.  So why aren’t we there yet? 

So, if our statistical numbers reflect, we’re on the right track, our written programs and “best practices” are viewed as one of the best, and our training commitment is continual, then what’s missing from WB Moore to get us closer to being there?  The key ingredient is cultural buy-in.   

Safety Cultural buy-in is about believing we ALL have a responsibility to protect ourselves and protect others.  Safety culture is something you cannot physically touch.  It is attitude, valuesperceptions, and competencies - it is what we all need to embrace and share.  We need to find a way to erase phrases like, “back in the day…” to It’s the right thing to do. 

One way for us to “Get There” is to create a Discretionary Effort belief.  Discretionary effort is that extra effort employees can give at work, but don't have to. It is going above the basic requirements.  

Truly exceptional safety requires that people don't just follow procedures, comply with OSHA standards, and wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Exceptional safety happens when people look for and report hazards (WB Moore Near Miss Reporting), give peers feedback on safe and at-risk behavior, volunteer for safety committees, make suggestions for improvement and, most difficult of all, admit when they have made mistakes so lessons can be learned. 

Discretionary effort is created using positive reinforcement. Our Pre-Task Plan (PTP) is ideal for discretionary effort to exist. PTP is intended for all of us to participate by safely planning out a task, identify hazards, and collectively come up with a game plan to eliminate potential hazards.   

We need “YOU” to buy-in and believe that we are on the road to getting There.  We “ALL” need to be looking out for each other.  As a TEAM, the helper who just began his or her first day on the job is as important as a leader who has been in the trade for 30 years.  Safety culture is about all of us having a VOICE and being HEARD.