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Project Location

Charlotte, NC

Project Team
Tyler 2 Construction

Tyler 2 Construction

WB Moore Headquarters

When considering the renovation of the WB Moore headquarters, one of our goals was to attain LEED certification for the facility. We achieved it.

From the beginning, our team designed and included specifications that made sustainability a priority while staying in the timeline and budget. As a result the WB Moore headquarters in Charlotte, NC received the LEED Platinum certification—the highest LEED certification possible. This resulted in a space utilizing innovations and materials that significantly reduced water and energy consumption, construction waste and environmental damage, and an environment that improved the day-to-day experience of our employees.

To achieve LEED certification, we knew we had to implement an integrated whole-building approach. Commissioning was required to ensure all building systems conformed to design intent and operational needs. The commissioning process effectively reduced WB Moore’s total construction costs and ensured work site satisfaction and safety.

To address any damage to the site ecology, indigenous plants and animal habitat, we restored 28,250 square feet of disrupted area with plant life, which equaled 57.1% of our total project site area, excluding the building footprint. The site development included a 36,000-gallon underground cistern for capturing rainwater and recycling for landscape irrigation.

We deployed reduce-reuse-recycle strategies throughout the entire project adding up to 21.23% of total project materials.

A total of 17.09% recycled material content was also used. And by incorporating bamboo cabinetry and cork flooring, 7.85% of total materials used were classified as rapidly renewable. Almost 40% of building materials used were manufactured within 500 miles of the building site.

By installing 134 photovoltaic (solar) panels, the WB Moore headquarters now produces around 35,500 kWh per year, producing enough clean energy to offset the buildings electricity usage by 14.61%.

Our Indoor Air Quality Management strategies during construction resulted in undisturbed working environments. That meant protecting HVAC units from dust and odors, using low-emitting materials, isolating areas of work to prevent contamination of clean spaces and daily clean-up of the site during construction.

We maintain a green office environment, always specifying products with recycled content or rechargeable components. Whenever possible, we use products manufactured within 500 miles of our facility, or those made from rapidly renewable materials. In addition, we employ green cleaning practices.

Three major operations cost reductions:
  • Reduced energy consumption by 29.7% over the original performance of the building
  • Reduced total carbon footprint through purchasing 132,451 KWh of Green-e certified green power
  • Reduced water consumption by 50.7% with installation of 1-gallon per flush toilets, waterless urinals, and ultra-low flow faucets
LEED Platinum certification highlights:
  • Achieved 55 points, more than the 51 required for LEED Platinum
  • Water Efficiency score 5 out of 5
  • Materials and Resources score 11 out of 13
  • Innovation and Design score 5 out of 5

We set out to create an attainable, innovative, and cost-effective headquarters to showcase our expertise, sustainability practices, design, and engineering. We’re very pleased with the results.