Industrial Controls

WB Moore can assist in the complete design and implementation of industrial control needs for power plants.

Every construction project has its own complexities. But none have the same level of complexity as designing and installing industrial controls for power plants. WB Moore has been an established and reliable resource for the construction of fossil fuel, hydro and nuclear plants from Colorado to Florida, Texas to Iowa—thirteen states and counting.

All WB Moore construction personnel are screened to pass federal regulations, and even further to pass our internal qualifications. For this reason, we can operate in any regulated environment. We can install equipment from any manufacturer, but one specialty is Emerson’s Ovation Control Systems.

Our expertise includes all PLC-driven, graphic, single-source system controls—fuel enters the plant, and power exits.

We can assist in the complete design of the system to compensate for trending, water treatment, cleaning of flue gasses and more. We also contract with existing plants for operations maintenance functions.


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