Power Quality and Load Data Analysis

WB Moore can help you monitor and interpret your facility's power quality.

Load equipment today can be fickle—much more fickle than the equipment of the past. The smallest disturbance in the delivery of electric power can have a dramatic impact in the performance of today's systems, particularly anything with a microprocessor (and almost everything has at least one!).

Even equipment such as motor drives and industrial manufacturing machinery which would seem more durable is more susceptible to fluctuations in power. Since most processes now are networked in one way or another, failure of one component in the chain can translate into failure across the entire enterprise.

WB Moore can help you monitor your facility's electrical system in a safe and non-disruptive way.  We can provide you with any data you are looking for in an easy to read graph and help you interpret that data to achieve your goals. Whether you are trying to chase down existing power quality electrical problems or increase the electrical load capacity of your facility, we can show you how to get there.  In short, we see your electrical delivery system as an essential component to your success. We're betting you do, too.

*All engineering work is performed in our Charlotte office. WBM Group, PLLC provides all standalone engineering services.



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