Project Pre-Construction

Every building is different with its own design, its own electrical requirements and its own infrastructure. It pays to work with a company that has started a few from the ground up.

There is no new building electrical system template.

Every proposal WB Moore puts together is unique—from the design/build of a 32-story highrise office tower with attached hotel and parking garage, to a 25 Megawatt solar power generation program across two counties, and everything in between.

Our pre-construction services team is intent on delivering estimates and plans that match the specifications and meet the expectations of your project, no matter what size. We work as comfortably with negotiated projects as we do in a hard-bid environment.

The goals of every proposal are to think through all possible variations, evaluate every viable option (materials, equipment and timing) and give you an estimate that delivers your project with the best combination of cost, timing and quality. No matter how you want your project estimated—by room, floor, division or some other parameter—we provide detailed documentation to support every recommendation.

We maintain relationships with equipment manufacturers and materials suppliers in order to obtain the best pricing and delivery of key components for your project, and constantly monitor the commodities markets for items such as steel and copper to know the best time to purchase.

In addition, we routinely work with entities whose projects require specialized estimating and planning, such as MWBE or those where federal guidelines are in place for pay rates. We provide any level of financial documentation on our company so that you can rest assured of our ability to deliver you a finished product.

Because of this, we have long-term relationships with some of the largest and most recognizable Fortune 500 companies. These relationships matter, but only because our reputation for delivering what we promise is what they are built on.


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