Renewable Energy Design

If we change our thinking, explore renewable energy and be innovative in both design and construction to meet the energy needs of today, and the environmental needs of tomorrow, the world we leave can be even better than the one we inherited.

Businesses and municipalities in the 21st century are faced with many challenges, not the least of which is the increasing (and unpredictable) cost of energy. It is important to engage in both strategic and tactical planning as it relates to having affordable and reliable sources of energy.

One way to do this is to consider renewable energy as part of your comprehensive facility plan. Rather than relying solely on non-renewable sources such as coal, oil and gas, WB Moore can include alternative sources like solar and even wind power in your design/build project. We can also assist your municipality in large-scale alternative power generation.

WB Moore provides both design and construction of renewable energy projects. Our headquarters in Charlotte includes 134 PV modules manufactured by GE, each providing 205W of power for a total output of 27.5kW, making it the largest corporate-owned roof-mounted PV system in North Carolina when it was installed. It will annually provide 35,500 kWh of power back to the electric grid.

We regularly build 5 Megawatt solar facilities, most recently in Wayne and Duplin counties in North Carolina. We reviewed the unique layouts of each site and designed the module layout, taking into account items like minimum row separation that would prevent module shading at all hours of the day. Once the layout was complete, the equipment being provided, including the PV Inverters, PV modules and combiner boxes, was reviewed and calculations were performed to determine the necessary PV modules to put in series to keep the system within the voltage limits of the equipment.

When it comes to our commitment to renewable energy, every project is significant.

*All engineering work is performed in our Charlotte office. WBM Group, PLLC provides all standalone engineering services.



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