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Benefits of working at WB Moore

Why consider a career in electrical contracting at WB Moore?

Medical and dental, for you and your family.

It’s a basic need—coverage for routine physicals and examinations, preventative procedures, as well as other more serious situations you may encounter. We offer discounted premiums on multiple plans for you and your entire family.

Stay well, and we’ll pay for it!

It pays to stay healthy. And we'll help cover the costs; up to 100% reimbursement for approved wellness programs such as annual physicals, routine wellness and cancer screening. We not only want you to be healthy, we want you to KNOW that you're healthy.

Get out of town!

We provide paid holidays and up to four weeks of paid vacation along with nationally recognized optional insurance packages that travel with you.

Insuring your life, and your livelihood.

At WB Moore, it’s always safety first. But things can happen—on the job, or off. We pay 100% of your premiums for basic Life and Accidental Death Insurance with optional additional coverage available.

A company with a mission

If you’ve been in the electrical industry for any time, you know every company isn’t the same as the next. At WB Moore, we constantly strive to be a cut above in every way—the projects we take on, the work we do, and the people we employ. We expect more, and you should, too.

A choice with options

We have come to expect that WB Moore will be awarded the best projects with the most interesting challenges. With those projects comes growth, and with that growth, opportunities. Don’t plan to stay where you start. Plan to grow with us.

A career with a future

You may be new to the industry—looking for a career to take care of you and your family’s needs for years to come. Contact us! The field is wide open, and you may find you want to take your place in it!