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    • Paul Albert
    • Mike Petriella

      Production Supervisor

      • “I like the hands-on approach of our entire team—project managers, engineering department, and office staff. The company trusts its employees in the field to handle projects properly and professionally. And there is an atmosphere that my family matters, too.”



    • Jason Smith
    • Jason Smith

      Project Manager

      • "I’ve been here almost 10 years, and other electrical contracting companies our size just don’t have the same feel. The people I work with look out for me, and I look out for them. We really are like a family. And that makes us do better work, too. I am accountable to my WB Moore family to do my best work, and hold up my end of the bargain."

    • Mike Bumgardner
    • Mike Bumgardner, PE

      Electrical Engineer

      • "WB Moore is an empowering place to work. The people there have created an environment that inspires you to reach your full potential. They believe in you, invest in you and support your professional growth. It's a workplace with a culture that so many companies strive to develop, yet it comes naturally at WB Moore. This culture is one that leverages individuals' talents to create teams of empowered employees who tackle some of the most complex projects in the electrical industry. Completing a project like this is rewarding in itself -- but having the opportunity to complete these complex projects in new and creative ways that also bring added value to our clients is the most rewarding work with which I have ever been involved."

    • Amy Dixon
    • Amy Dixon

      Administrative Project Assistant

      • "I’ve been at WB Moore since 2010, and each day I wake up and look forward to going to work. There is a great sense of pride working for this company. Its dedication to safety is one of the most important incentives to me. Although I work in the office and not in the construction environment, the heavy emphasis on safety speaks volumes for WB Moore’s caring attitude toward its employees."