WB Moore’s Restoration of Charlotte’s Wells Fargo Building

On July 10th, 2023, the heart of Charlotte was met with a daunting challenge as emergency crews raced to respond to a 2-alarm fire call at the iconic Wells Fargo Building on South Tryon Street. The 51-story skyscraper found itself shrouded in darkness due to a power outage caused by an unexpected water event. What followed was an awe-inspiring tale of rapid response, quick thinking, technical expertise, and relentless determination as the WB Moore Team embarked on a mission to restore power to this towering structure.

Busway Repair

The Unforeseen Trigger 

The incident’s genesis can be traced back to an upper-level water burst that inflicted damage on the building’s infrastructure. The broken sprinkler line resulted in water saturating the 4000-amp emergency service riser, causing a dangerous electrical explosion that jolted the city’s emergency services into action.  

Swift Response 

With the building being declared unfit for public use, the WB Moore Team embraced the challenge head-on. Their expertise, honed over years of tackling intricate electrical challenges, proved to be the building’s saving grace. Mobilizing immediately, the team assembled a formidable array of manpower, along with subcontractor and vendor partners, channeling their collective energy towards assessing the extent of the damage and devising a strategy to get the emergency power systems back up and running.   

Technical Expertise  

With both normal and critical power risers compromised, the WB Moore Team quickly determined that the unaffected life safety riser would serve as a launchpad for restoration. Clearing the medium voltage gear on each floor and providing temporary power to critical equipment became a pivotal phase, enabling a gradual return to functionality. 

Navigating the challenge of no elevators, materials were manually transported from P8 to the 51st floor. 

Utilizing the life safety riser, immediate measures were implemented to power stairwell pressurization fans, jockey pumps for the sprinkler system, and select elevators. These systems having power allowed the critical trading floors of the building to be operational again.  

Temporarily restoring power to cooling towers and pumps on the 26th floor marked a vital step towards reactivating HVAC systems. Amidst dimly lit conditions, the team meticulously inspected the medium voltage gear for water intrusion. Simultaneously, they tackled the task of extracting water from flooded electrical rooms and equipment. Load banks were utilized to start drying out the damaged buss duct.  

Teams were then organized to start replacing the water damaged buss duct couplings over the 51-floor riser. One section at a time had to be meticulously supported from above and below the coupling.  The coupling was then removed and replaced with a new one. The buss duct was then tested to make sure readings were per NETA standards.   

Throughout this journey, technical expertise illuminated the path to recovery, demonstrating the capacity to conquer challenges and restore normalcy through innovation and resilience.

Triumph Over Adversity 

The journey to restoration was far from straightforward. After 12 days of tireless effort and meticulous rework on the damaged bus duct, the WB Moore Team achieved the remarkable: power was fully restored to the Wells Fargo Building. The culmination of their hard work enabled final inspections to take place, rendering the building once again fit for public use. The triumphant moment signaled not just a technical victory but a testament to the resilience of human spirit.  

Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead 

While the immediate cause of the incident was the water event and the subsequent electrical fault, it reminds us that following proper safety procedures should always be the top priority for any contractor.  Even in an emergency situation like this, the team never bypassed a safety protocol in the essence of saving time. Ongoing maintenance programs should always be in place to keep all systems as functional and safe as they can be. 

The success story of the Wells Fargo Building’s emergency repair stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, expertise, and unyielding determination. It’s a story of a city rallying together in the face of adversity and a team of professionals who refused to let darkness prevail. As the lights once again illuminate the skyline of Charlotte, they serve as a reminder that even in the darkest moments, the spark of hope can never truly be extinguished. 

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