Duke West Campus Union Renovation


West Campus Union provides a vibrant place for students, faculty, staff, groups, and organizations to relax, eat and socialize. This space offers diverse social and educational experiences, and exciting entertainment all conveniently located in the heart of Duke University.

WB Moore was excited to be a part of this Campus renovation. The scope of work included installing Door Operating Systems, Lighting protection, A/V and Date Systems, Ansul Hood Systems, Snow Melt Systems, Gutter/Heat Trace, Fire Alarm, Security and Camera System and Building Automation.

The installation also included providing Temporary Power and Lighting, Firestopping of conduits, Site Utility work, Panels, Distribution and Lighting (demo and replacement), New Panels, Switchgear, Transformers, (3) new 400amp ATS switches, Branch circuits, copper conductors, Branch conduits with ¾ EMT with steel compression fittings, Feeders for all conduit 2 ½” and larger are run in IMC, Overcurrent protective device coordination and ARC Flash study is included, as well as BIM/Coordination.

Special Systems included: Empty raceway for Tele/Data, AV & Security; Fire Alarm turn-key system Connections to Kitchen ANSUL systems.

Duke West Campus Union Renovation Images 1
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Project Details

WBM Job Number: 2014-288
Year of Completion: 2016
Industry Sector: Education
Contract Amount: $6,366,394
Project Location: Duke University, Durham, NC  


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