Undisclosed Project 2018

Mission Critical

Our scope of work included removing the existing UPS distribution panel while leaving feeders in place for new panel. We provided and installed a new 480-volt 3 phase UPS distribution panel. The new panel has two additional distribution breakers for feed to other floors for UPS power distribution. Provide and install conduit, wire, MLO panel, enclosed disconnect, transformer, and breakers for new UPS distribution panels on multiple floors. 30kva transformer and 75kva transformer for selected floors.   

WB Moore also provided professional engineering services and technical resources (research and support).   

Our Team performed demolition of normal power input to panels 3H, 6H & 7H. Feeders were repurposed and breakers in MDP left as spare. Designed new 480V, 1000A emergency distribution board and ATS to provide back-up power to existing panels 3H, 6H & 7H. Reconfigure existing emergency and normal power distribution gear to support new ATS. Designed new UPS distribution from level 1 UPS to support the new branch panels planned for levels 3 and 6. Design and reconfigure level 1 UPS output distribution (GBP1) and OCP devices to feed new branch panels. New level 3 UPS 120/208V distribution panel to support maximum of 30KVA load, 42-circuit. New level 6 UPS 120/208V distribution panel to support maximum of 75KVA load, 60-circuit. Revisions and updates to facilities existing short-circuit, arc flash and coordination study. Due to this being Mission Critical, we are unable to provide pictures of the completed work.


Project Details

WBM Job Number: 2018-072
Year of Completion: 2018
Industry Sector: Mission Critical
Project Location: Undisclosed


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