WB Moore EV Charger Upgrades

Commercial and Upfit

The EV Charger project at our Charlotte Headquarters was designed to showcase electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) from multiple manufacturers in a variety of different use cases while providing charging for up to 13 electric vehicles. 

Two SemaConnect dual port pedestals provide charging for four electric vehicles (EVs) on a single 40A, 208V circuit to demonstrate power sharing capabilities when existing capacity is limited.  

Three Atom Power PURPL dual port pedestals provide charging for six EVs at 10kW each. PURPL utilizes solid state breakers at a centralized panel   located away from vehicles for safety and load management control. 

Two Siemens single port pedestals are installed in a typical fashion on dedicated electrical circuits providing 8.3kW each. 

One Tesla Wall Connector on a dedicated circuit provides up to 10kW for Tesla brand EVs.

WB Moore EV Charger
WB Moore EV Charger

Project Details

WBM Job Number: 2021-195
Year of Completion: 2022
Industry Sector: Commercial and Upfit
Contract Amount: N/A
Project Location: 916 N Poplar Street Charlotte, NC 28206


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