Evolving a Century-Old Trade Apprenticeship Model to Mobilize the Next Generation of Skilled Workers

At WB Moore we recently implemented a state-of-the-art digital Learning Management System fully integrated with our HR System and tied to our enterprise resource data. It's the kind of structure and organization you would usually find in a company 20 times our size, but we have made this investment to evaluate and measure the success of our electrical apprenticeship program.

After opening up our capabilities with technology: we partnered with the State of North Carolina's department of Community Colleges in connection with the NC Department of Labor; to produce one of the fasting growing and most attractive electrical apprenticeships in the Carolina's.

Continuing Education, Training and Certification

What makes WB Moore stand apart isn't simply our desire to acquire more talent. It is also our desire to develop the best talent. We believe it is our corporate responsibility to provide equal opportunities to all people of every background; and in order to develop the best talent we need diverse potential.

Leadership School at WB Moore

Continued Education:

We are working with CPCC to enroll employees into English as a second language (ESL) courses and higher curriculum English to remove communication barriers for immigrant workers seeking development. To those who are first- or second-generation immigrants - we want to partner with you in your assimilation, education, and professional development. We need your help to meet the growing demands of our region and are excited to invest in you as you work with us.

Along with focusing on mobilizing immigrant workers - we are also interested in partnering with job seekers who do not have high school diploma's or a GED. We want to help you obtain this distinction, and the competency's it represents, so that you may have the same opportunity as every WB Moore employee and become an electrical apprentice. You may have been raised in a family or neighborhood which couldn't bridge the gap between the home and the school system. We want to help you improve your economic status and accomplish your personal and financial goals.

Employers Association WB Moore

Principles of Management:
Selected personnel can enhance career growth by attending eight consecutive weekly half day sessions. Graduates gain insights into the supervisors' role in management, utilize tools to lead, plan, organize and control processes and procedures and more.

Training electricians to interpret, understand and implement correct applications of the NEC

National Electrical Code Training:
This course is offered to our craftsmen personnel who either are preparing for their North Carolina license exam or maintaining their certification. The course curriculum focuses on the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity. The certified trainer covers the installation of electric conductors, electric equipment, wiring methods and materials, etc.

4.5 year apprenticeship training program helps individuals develop the necessary skills needed to become an electrician.

Apprenticeship Training:

Working with the State and with Central Piedmont Community College; we have been able to concentrate and distill what was (and is for others) four-years of classroom coursework into a two-year competency-based hands on learning experience. Due to recent improvements made by the State and Federal Government - we are now able to graduate apprentices to receive their Journeyman Card in less time while raising our standards and expectations for quality and performance.

We are offering our apprentices college-accredited classes, company paid tuition and fees, and the opportunity to complete a two-year degree in electrical systems design. This is in addition to working and earning annual wage increases of up to $2/hour per year and $500 bonuses every semester. We are also implementing a new Tools-for-Success program to pay for quality tools for all apprentices so they are always available to take on work processes which require specialized equipment.