Proving Sustainability is Possible.

LEED Platinum Award The need for sustainability has emerged as a result of significant concerns of everyone—from COOs to families living in the suburbs. At WB Moore, we believe that environmental sustainability, when combined with a pro-business approach, benefits the regional economy and provides an example in the community.

Not only are we commited to helping our clients achieve LEED certification but we have made our own headquarters a showcase of sustainable design by creating the first LEED Platinum building under new construction in Charlotte. We emphasize education and training for our technicians and are constantly finding innovative ideas and ways to deliver green buildings to our clients.

In the field and on the job.

WB Moore brings to you a set of sustainability standards for offices and jobsites, including site specific Solar PV and alternative energy designs, daylight harvesting plans, and EV charging stations.

Making sustainability a goal presents, with every project, an opportunity to respond to some of the most important issues in society: climate change; dependence on non-sustainable fuels, materials and energy; and the ongoing threat a larger carbon footprint poses to our own health and well-being.

Our goal at WB Moore is to make sustainability attainable, innovative, and cost-effective by delivering modeling, simulation, analysis, and process management solutions to streamline and make possible the sometimes seemingly impossible goal of sustainable design.

Our expertise in LEED strategies brings to your project the ability to significantly reduce operational costs over the life of a building, providing a strong return on investment as well as long-term savings, employee satisfaction, well-being and retention.

LEED—Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Rating system that identifies and rewards best practices in:
  • Reduction of energy, water and natural resources consumption
  • Healthier, more productive workspaces
  • Public recognition for leaders in environmental concerns